• Rose Vinegar

    Rose Vinegar

    New taste experience of rose and vinegar

    Selected edible roses, after natural fermentation, our rose vinegar liquid is clear, fragrant, with sour and slight sweet taste.

    New ways of vinegar drinking:

    Dilute rose vinegar in 1:6 and mix it with honey according to your personal taste. Enjoy the fragrance of flowers and your own fragrance.

  • White Rice Vinegar

    White Rice Vinegar

    Selected high quality rice, every drop of vinegar is healthy and safe

    Instead of white sugar, rice vinegar combined with honey is carefully blended to make the taste sour and sweet and more fragrant.

    Sufficient period of natural fermentation, masterwork of time and ingenuity together.

    Soft acid taste, mellow taste, suitable for cooking vegetables and seafood, cold salad, dip in food.