Textured Soy Protein

Short Description:

Our textured soy protein is produced with extrusion equipment imported from the US with domestic high quality non-transgenic soybeans and soy protein as the major raw materials. The product is characterized by raw meat texture. It assumes fibrous texture and takes on good tenacity, elasticity and meat chewiness after rehydration. It may be processed into filaments or fragments with a beater or chopper after dewatering. Textured soy protein can also be processed into slices, strips or cubes, which show fibrous texture and chewiness of meat.


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Textured Soy Protein

Packing Specification: 

10kg / bags

20kg / bags

Product Specification:

Protein: ≥ 50-70%

Ash: ≤6.5%

Moisture: ≤6%

Fat: ≤1%

Total fiber: ≤3.5%


Product Applications:

1. Vegetarian food: Textured soy protein products have excellent structure and true fleshy fiber tissue. They are suitable for processing into all kinds of high-level vegetarian imitation meat, such as vegetarian ham, vegetarian chicken, vegetarian fish, vegetarian hamburger, vegetarian hot dog, vegetarian steak, vegetarian floss and so on.

2. Meat products: Its application to meat products can enhance the taste of meat, reduce costs and increase protein content in the finished product. For example, it may be applied to ham, Hotdog, sausages, meatballs, etc. Textured soy protein is extensively applied to Taiwan sausage with an addition of 10-60%

3. Leisure food: It is also a good choice to be processed into leisure foods, such as imitation beef, restructured beef cube, vegetarian floss and so on.

4. Food and beverage: Textured soy protein products can be used to prepare the dishes or replace the use of meat, so it can be directly supplied to cafeteria, catering companies, restaurants, and so on.

Samples policy: Free samples are available, customers usually have to pay for the shipping freight.

Payment method: T/T, L/C at sight, other methods please consult with us first.

Lead time: Usually 15- 25 days after order confirmed, OEM orders will be slightly longer.


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