• Hot and Sour Vermicelli

    Hot and Sour Vermicelli

    China hot sale traditional snacks

    Once you try, you’ll love it.

    Hot and Sour, numb, delicate taste, tough and chewy

    Spicy and tenacious enough, first choice for spicy food lovers.


  • Lanzhou Lamian

    Lanzhou Lamian

    Lanzhou beef noodle, also known as Lanzhou Lamian, is one of the “Top Ten Noodles in China”. It is a kind of flavor delicacy in Lanzhou, Gansu Province, and belongs to the northwest cuisine.

    Lanzhou beef noodle if famous for its unique flavor and features of “clear soup, well cooked beef and fine noodles”, which won the praise of customers domestic and the world. It is rated as one of the three Chinese fast food by the Chinese Cuisine Association, and has been praised as “The First Side of China”.