Usage of double zipper bags

1. Retain freshness

Keep fresh of fruits and vegetables, prevent drying, lock delicious

2. Cold storage

Defrost in the refrigerator to ensure freshness, avoid tainted by other odor

3. Moisture proof

Dry goods storage, moisture - proof, smell – proof


4. Storage

Home or travel, easy to carry, easy storage

5. Goods classification

Easy for sorting, convenient storage, clean and sanitary

How to develop a new line (zipper bags / slider bags)?

1. Choose bag type, size, thickness, printing and packaging.

2. Make your own design or send us for ODM

3. It takes about 20 days to run bag & box samples, and we’ll send them for your approval.

4. It takes about 35-45 days for the first order to be shipped when the bag design and box sample confirmed.


Post time: Sep-23-2021