The nutritional value of Sesame paste

Sesame paste (tahini paste) (1)

1. Sesame paste (Tahini paste) is rich in protein, amino acids, vitamins and minerals, and has high health value.

2. The calcium content of sesame paste is much higher than vegetables and beans, second only to shrimp skin. It is beneficial to the development of bones and teeth if eaten regularly (do not eat with spinach and other vegetables, otherwise the double decomposition reaction of oxalate or soluble oxalate in vegetables produces calcium oxalate precipitate, which affects the absorption of calcium).

3. Sesame paste iron is several times higher than the liver, egg yolk, often eat not only has a positive effect on the adjustment of partial anorexia, but also to correct and prevent iron deficiency anemia.

4. Tahini is rich in lecithin, which prevents hair from turning white or falling out prematurely.

5. Sesame contains a lot of oil, has a good function of relaxing bowel.

Sesame paste (tahini paste) (2)
Sesame paste (tahini paste) (3)

The effect and function of sesame paste:

1. Increase your appetite. Sesame paste can promote appetite, more conducive to the absorption of signboard nutrients.

2. Delay aging. Sesame paste contains nearly 70% vitamin E, which has excellent antioxidant effect, can protect the liver, protect the heart and delay aging.

3. Prevent hair loss. Black sesame seeds are rich in biotin, which is best for hair loss caused by weakness and premature aging, as well as for medicated hair loss and hair loss caused by certain diseases.

4. Increase skin elasticity. Eating tahini regularly can also increase skin elasticity.

5. Enrich the blood. Regular consumption of tahini paste not only has a positive effect on the adjustment of partial eating anorexia, but also can prevent iron deficiency anemia.

Sesame paste (tahini paste) (4)
Sesame paste (tahini paste) (5)

6. Promote bone development. The calcium content in tahini paste is extremely high, second only to shrimp skin, often edible is beneficial to the development of bones and teeth. Sesame seeds contain a lot of oil, which has a good effect of moistening intestine and relieving constipation.

Post time: Aug-26-2021