Team Building Activity.

In order to stimulate employees' passion for work, establish positive communication, mutual trust, solidarity and cooperation among employees, cultivate team awareness, enhance employees' sense of responsibility and belonging, and show the style of Sanniu Company, on May 29, 2021, all employees of Yantai Sanniu Import and Export Co., Ltd. participated in the team building activity.

At 8 o 'clock on the morning of May 29, all of us took a bus to a quality education base in Weihai for an outward training. Outward bound training is a set of training process to shape the team vitality, promote the growth of the organization, and constantly add value to oneself. It is a set of outdoor experiential simulation training specially designed for modern team building.

Before the formal training, the coach first through their respective count to complete the group assignment. Then each team member chooses the captain, and under the guidance of the captain, they discuss their team name, team emblem and slogan. We have two groups, the orange Tigers and the blue Dragons. Then under the guidance of the coach, all the team members participated in the competitions and activities, like of the Trust Back Fell, Drum Life, Escape Wall and other projects. We all carried forward the spirit of hard work, perseverance, never give up, and completed all the challenging projects. In the evening, we had barbecue by the campfire, drank, sang and danced, and shared our experiences and feelings.

A day of happy journey, although feel very tired, but everyone's mood is very happy. Through this team activity, the team members have a lot of feelings: first, the importance of the team is self-evident, if there is no team members of the mutual cooperation, joint efforts, many goals are difficult to achieve; Second, self-transcendence is the key to success, difficulties are real, overcome themselves, give play to the maximum potential of each team member is the first step to achieve success;

Third, the team communication is very important, more communication, more sharing, good ideas and ideas can be improved, and ultimately help us to the other side of victory. When you leave the training ground and return to your familiar working environment, we believe that as long as we give full play to the team spirit of mutual trust and treat every task as every challenge in the training, there will be no difficulty that we cannot overcome and no problem that we cannot solve!

Post time: Jul-27-2021