Sweet Butter Cookies Traditional Christmas Biscuits. Happy Holidays

Your favorite Christmas dessert recipes from Christmas Cookies, Christmas Cakes, Christmas Candy, Christmas Cakes and more! List of 60+ popular Christmas dessert recipes.
We love to celebrate the holidays at home and the food we eat at Christmas is very important. I have compiled some of the most valuable and popular Christmas dessert recipes to share with your friends and family.

You will find some traditional Christmas desserts such as English Toffee Pudding, Homemade Red Velvet Cake, Classic Sugar Cookies (for Santa!), Vanilla Cheesecake, Chewy Gingerbread Treacle Cookies, Danish Rice Pudding, Caramel Bread Pudding and more. .
My brother Ryan lived in Copenhagen, Denmark for many years, and they had a tradition of eating rice pudding with almonds hidden in it at Christmas, and whoever ate the almonds got a special gift. We love to keep this special Danish tradition alive in our home.
Another brother, Jeff, lives in the UK, so we love making their famous British dessert called Sticky Toffee Pudding. One of my favorite holiday desserts!
Chocolate brownie cookies with icing and mint. Made with chewy chocolate chip double biscuits topped with mint buttercream frosting, chocolate ganache and Andes mints.
Peppermint Bark Chocolate Chip Cookie – A rich chocolate chip cookie topped with white chocolate peppermint bark and fizzy candies.
Frozen Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies – A double cookie with chocolate chips, mint buttercream frosting and crushed hard candy.
Levain Bakery Chocolate Mint Cookies – Made with a rich double biscuit with chocolate chips and mint chips.
Homemade Chocolate Mint Crust – Made with layers of melted white chocolate infused with mint, melted chocolate and topped with crushed mint sticks.
Chocolate Mint Bar Oreo Cookies – A double chocolate chip cookie and the famous lollipop from Trader Joe’s Oreo Cookies.
Mint Crust Cookie Dough Cups – A Williams-Sonoma Christmas staple made with edible cookie dough and homemade mint crust layers.
Gingersnap Oreos with Cream Cheese Filling – Soft, spicy molasses gingerbread cookies with a cream cheese filling.
Pan Ginger Cookies with Vanilla Ice Cream and Salted Caramel – Homemade pan baked gingerbread cookies topped with vanilla ice cream and caramel
Cranberry Orange Pie – A moist orange tart with fresh cranberries and sweet orange cream cheese frosting.
Cranberry White Chocolate Chip Cookies – Perfectly chewy, with crunchy edges, filled with juicy dried cranberries and creamy white chocolate chips.
Cranberry Oatmeal Cookies are soft and chewy brown sugar oatmeal cookies topped with sweet dried cranberries.
Red Velvet Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting – Moist red velvet cake with homemade cream cheese frosting.
Red Velvet Biscuits with White Chocolate Chunks – soft and gooey famous Red Velvet Cookies with sweet white chocolate chunks.
Red Velvet Cookies with Cream Cheese Frosting are soft and chewy homemade Red Velvet Cookies topped with a sweet cream cheese frosting.
Sticky Toffee Pudding is a famous British dessert consisting of a moist sponge cake topped with homemade toffee caramel sauce and vanilla ice cream.
Salted Caramel Bread Pudding – A decadent dessert made with brioche or white bread, halved, eggs, butter and brown sugar, with a silky salted caramel sauce.
Salted Caramel Cookies – Soft and chewy sea salt caramel cookies drizzled with salted caramel.
Chocolate Caramel Pecan Tortoise Cookies – Chewy chocolate chip cookies rolled in pecans and topped with caramel and melted chocolate.
Butterscotch Budino with Salted Caramel is a layered dessert with rich custard and handmade salted caramel sauce.
Praline Pecan Cheesecake – A rich, creamy homemade cheesecake topped with decadent brown sugar peanut butter and pecans.
Croissant pudding with caramel sauce – croissants baked in a creamy sauce and drizzled with homemade vanilla sauce.
Creme brulee tart is a silky vanilla custard with a crunchy layer of sugar on the outside.
Raspberry Almond Jam Fingerprint Cookies – buttery shortbread made with only butter, sugar, flour and almond extract, topped with jam, baked until done, and topped with homemade vanilla or almond icing.
Chocolate Pistachio Shortbread – Rich and buttery shortbread with crunchy pistachios, drizzled with melted chocolate, sprinkled with fresh orange zest and chopped pistachios.
Best Chocolate Buttercream Chocolate Cake – World’s best chocolate cake recipe. This moist, rich chocolate cake is topped with chocolate icing.
Levain Bakery Two Slice Chocolate Chips Cookies are Levain Bakery’s classic nut-free chocolate chip cookie recipe.
Chocolate Orange Cake – Moist, decadent chocolate orange cake with creamy chocolate orange frosting.
No-Bake Peanut Butter and Peanut Butter Chocolate Mousse 5-minute Peanut Butter Chocolate Mousse is made with just four ingredients: peanut butter, cream cheese, heavy cream and powdered sugar.
French silk pie – A creamy chocolate cream pie topped with fresh whipped cream and chocolate chips, all wrapped in a buttery graham cracker crust.

butter cookie (1)
Chocolate Dessert Plate – A decadent chocolate plate with an assortment of chocolate truffles, milk chocolate, dark chocolate hearts, chocolate covered pretzels, peanut butter, berries and more!
Homemade Hot Chocolate – Quick and easy to make homemade hot chocolate with various toppings.
Triple Chocolate Chip Cookie – This classic chocolate chip cookie contains pieces of white and semi-sweet chocolate.
White vanilla fudge. There is always a little secret recipe for the perfect vanilla fudge.
Chocolate Caramel Pretzel Crust – Light homemade chocolates made with homemade salted caramel, salted pretzels, buttermilk and semi-sweet chocolate.
Rocky Road Clusters – Easy no-bake 5-ingredient rocky road clusters made with chocolate, toffee, walnuts, and marshmallows.
Homemade Peanut Butter Chocolate Cups – Made with premium chocolate and creamy peanut butter, filled with a secret ingredient.
Chewy Soft Cinnamon Sugar Snickers – A popular recipe for soft and chewy cinnamon sugar cookies. The recipe has been passed down in the family for over 30 years!
Lemon Wrinkle Cookies are soft and chewy lemon cookies topped with fresh lemon juice, lemon zest and extract to give them that extra lemon zest!
Frosted Snickers Cookies are soft and chewy cinnamon sugar Snickers cookies topped with a sweet cream cheese frosting and sprinkled with sugar cinnamon.
Vanilla Cheesecake – The creamiest, dreamiest and richest vanilla cheesecake with a buttery cracker crust.
Panna Cotta is a silky and creamy vanilla bean dessert made with cream, sugar, gelatin and vanilla pods.
Homemade Rice Pudding – Creamy rice pudding with homemade English sauce cream and sweet whipped cream.
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