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Multi-layer co-extruded film is produced by a compound molding technique that simultaneously extrudes thermoplastic resin with multiple extruders and passes that through a single die to build up layers of melted resin both on the inside and outside of a film. A number of functions can be combined in a single film such as heat resistance, air barrier, rigidity, flexibility, cold resistance, and resistance to penetration, by adjusting the raw materials.

According to different structures, the co-extrusion film rolls can be various functions and usage. It can be high temperature stretch film, skin film, shrink film, high barrier film, vacuum bag, fresh lock package, etc.

Moisture Proof and Shrink Film Type 5/7 layer PA/PE co-extruded film

The performance of high temperature resistance at 121℃ counter pressure cooking kettle

The product is suitable for packing

Meat: frozen beef, frozen pork, mutton, chicken, etc;

Meat products: ham, bacon, sausage, barbecue, Roast Chicken, Marinated Egg;

Dairy products: cheese, butter;

Aquatic products: frozen fish, pickled fish, simulated crab meat;

Powder category: coffee, cheese powder;

Specialty: tofu, pickled vegetables, peanuts, jujube, fresh and dried vegetables, native products etc.

Film for medical transfusion bag. High resistance to oxygen - blocking oxygen into (such as fresh pork, beef, meat products)

High odor barrier - to prevent the leakage of flavor (such as meat, cheese)

High resistance to water - keep the moisture of packaged meat products

Surface treatment, can be used as a composite, printing substrate

We are focusing on offering various bags and customized packaging solutions for food, packing, baby care, forwarding and pharmaceutical industries. We have rich experience in OEM and customized size and printing production. We are able to help with recommending products according to clients’ packaging needs, or packaging methods on designed products.

Product   Multi-layer co-extruded film
Material   PA, EVOH, PE, PP, TIE, etc
Structure 5 / 7 Layer Co-extruded
Application Meat / Cheese / Sausage / Fish / Seafood / Nuts / Fruit / Vegetable / Soup / Medicine
Width 140-2100 mm
Thickness 80μm -- 400μm
Appearance Smooth
Color Clear
Temp Range -40°C -- 121°C
Certificate ISO9001 / ISO22000
Features ♦ Non-toxic, environment-friendly
♦ Good transparency, strong heat seal ability, etc.
♦ Excellent oxygen barrier performance for long shelf life
♦ High puncture and tear Resistance
♦ Makes the pack lightweight, economically efficient and versatile
♦ Gives excellent bond strength

Samples policy: Free stock samples available offered; Custom samples lead time: 10-25 working days.

Payment method: T/T, L/C at sight, other methods please consult with us first.

Lead time: 20~25 days for the first order when bag and box samples are confirmed.

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