Hot and Sour Vermicelli

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China hot sale traditional snacks

Once you try, you’ll love it.

Hot and Sour, numb, delicate taste, tough and chewy

Spicy and tenacious enough, first choice for spicy food lovers.


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Hot and Sour Vermicelli

Ingredients (Barbecue flavor): Vermicelli ingredients: sweet potato starch, drinking water, edible salt

Flavoring powder package: edible salt, monosodium glutamate, granulated sugar, edible essence, maltodextrin, spices, fat powder (glucose syrup, hydrogenated vegetable oil, milk powder, sodium caseinate, monoglycerin fatty acid ester, dipotassium hydrogen phosphate, silica), disodium nucleotide, L-malic acid, silica.

Soup package: refined vegetable oil (including butyl hydroquinone), brewing soy sauce, chili powder, edible salt, monosodium glutamate, edible essence, white granulated sugar, spices, Chinese pepper powder, dehydrated white sesame, flavored nucleotide disodium, chili red, capsicum ololene, potassium sorbate.

Chili oil package: refined vegetable oil (including butyl hydroquinone), chili powder, Chinese pepper powder, spices, chili red.

Vegetable bag: bean (soybean, water, salt), dehydrated carrot, dehydrated green stem vegetables, dehydrated white sesame, dehydrated coriander.

Vinegar package: brewing vinegar (water, sorghum, bran, peas, barley, MONOsodium glutamate, salt, potassium sorbate).

Peanut package: peanut (peanut kernel, soybean oil, edible salt, pepper, Chinese pepper, hemp pepper, white granulated sugar, monosodium glutamate).

Product type: Instant Vermicelli

Specification:  138g*6 barrels / CTN

Carton size: 34*23.5*12.5 cm

Shelf life: 6 Months


Keep in cool and dry places under room temperature.

Certificate: ISO9001:2015, HACCP, FDA Registration, Certificate of Free sale.


Samples policy: Free samples are available, customers usually have to pay for the shipping freight.

Payment method: T/T, L/C at sight, other methods please consult with us first.

Lead time: Usually 15- 25 days after order confirmed, OEM orders will be slightly longer.

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